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1st NJ Advanced Installer Training

On January 14-15, 100 industry professionals from New Jersey gathered in Flemington, NJ for a 2-day Advanced Installer Training program hosted by NOWRA. Then, on March 19-20, an additional 65 industry folks gathered in Bridgeton, NJ for a 2nd training session. The trainings were held in response to a recent requirement by New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection that installers obtain the advanced level of the Certified Installer of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (CIOWTS) credential offered through the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA). On January 17, and March 21, representatives from NEHA offered the CIOWTS exam at the training locations. An additional CIOWTS exam will also be held in Bridgeton, NJ on April 17.
“NOWRA stepped up to offer this training as soon as we became aware of the requirement,” said NOWRA President Tom Fritts. “This was a perfect opportunity for NOWRA’s Installer Academy training program to offer professional training to contractors who needed it. Because we learned about New Jersey DEP’s requirement only a short few weeks before the January 1, 2013 deadline when the certification would be required, we had to scramble a bit to line up dates, secure facilities and promote the events. While we were unable to offer the training prior to the deadline, we were the first organization to step up to provide assistance.”
Fritts and Sara Heger of the University of Minnesota served as instructors for both events, which were well received by the installers in attendance. Mike Dunn of Hoot Systems, Inc., provided a huge assist for the Flemington event, both in advance of the meeting and while it was held. Bryan Wallace of Bridgeton Plumbing and Heating provided a similar assist for the 2nd training event.  Eleanor Krukowski and Mark Miller of NJDEP also helped to promote and support both events.
A third training program is likely some time in late May at a to-be-determined location in Northern New Jersey.