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Congressional Office Visit Reports

Bob Mayer, American Manufacturing Company, Elkwood, VA

I met with my Congressman Rob Wittman of the First Congressional District of Virginia the morning of our exhibit.  Rob has degrees in Biology, Public Health policy and a PhD in Public Policy.  He has years of experience with the Virginia Department of Health dealing with Chesapeake Bay issues and is currently working extensively with water issues. Rob is very familiar with our onsite wastewater infrastructure issues and has asked to keep him informed in the event he can help with anything.  He suggests we work within existing funding streams and we should be able to get some share of appropriated funds for the industry.  Visit his web site and see his interests in environmental issues.
David Lentz, P.E., Infiltrator Systems, Old Saybrook, CT

I visited Members on the House and/or Senate side, corresponding to Infiltrator’s office and manufacturing locations.  I generally found the staff to be interested in our issue, saying to contact them when we are to the point where their support is needed.  I contacted the following offices/staffers:
KY – Rep. Barr (who attended the technology fair) - Travis Cone (LA-Legislative Assistant)
CT – Rep. Courtney – Zach Clark (LA)
TX – Rep. Johnson – Michael Brain (LA)
IL – Rep. Davis – Bobby Frederick (Legislative Director) sent a summer intern to the technology fair
AL – Rep. Rogers – Forrest McConnell (LA)
AL – Sen. Shelby – Jay Dunn (LA)
CT – Sen. Murphy – Alexa Combelic (LA)
CT – Sen. Blumenthal – EJ Toppin (Legislative Correspondent)
KY – Sen. Paul – Paige Agostin (LA)
WA – Sen. Murray – Kevin Stockert (LA)

These individuals were not available when I visited, but cover water-related issues:
AL – Rep. Rogers – Cameron Bishop (LA)
OR – Rep. Blumenauer – Stephanie Phillips (LA)

Greg Graves, Scott Hetrick, Norweco, Norwalk, OH

We met with Jared Dilley, Legislative Director for Congressman Jim Jordan’s office, 4th District of Ohio.  Congressman Jordan was called away at the last minute to Chair a Committee Meeting.  Mr. Dilley was quite attentive and courteous.  He had not heard of NOWRA before, but is familiar with onsite wastewater treatment systems.  He appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the industry, and said he would be interested in further information in the future.

Bob Himschoot, Crews Environmental, Ft. Myers, FL
  • Congressman Patrick Murphy’s office promised to send a representative.Congressman Murphy has introduced bill/language to a bill to help improve the “Indian River Lagoon”  part of the Everglades water issue.
  • Congressman Curt Clawson sent two people to the trade fair:  One was Jeffery Post who is also very familiar with the Census Bureau's American Community Survey. He offered to assist us with getting information about onsite systems added to that survey.
  • Congressman David Jolly: Jolly actually sits on the Subcommittee of Water Resources.  I met him in his office quite by chance. He did not come to the Tech Fair as he was already committed for a meeting when I spoke with him.  He is aware of the water issues in Florida. His aide Brittany was most helpful.
  • We sent an invitation to Congressman Tom Rooney but he declined the opportunity to attend and I did not make it to his office.