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Online Learning Academy

New! A Convenient New Option to Get the Education You Need

Whether you are new to the onsite/decentralized industry or continuing your professional development, you have come to the right place! Taught by experts in the industry, NOWRA’s Online Learning Academy offerings cover the fundamentals of the profession as well as advanced training in multiple topics.
Initially four training courses are being offered, each developed from a national perspective. NOWRA intends to add more courses in the coming months, and we expect many of NOWRA’s affiliated state onsite associations will also be offering courses which meet specific state training requirements.
NOWRA is currently working with its state partners to get CEU approval for these courses so that you, as  a practitioner, can obtain the credits you need to maintain your business license or certification. As approvals are received we will post them in this section.

NOWRA Members Save Big!

Courses can be taken at a discounted rate if you are a NOWRA member or at the regular rate if you are not. You can become a member of NOWRA through one of its State Affiliates or, if one does not exist in your area, directly through NOWRA.  Click here for a list of NOWRA State Affiliates. If you are a member of one of those organizations, your membership in that organization automatically gives you membership in NOWRA.  More information can be found at: NOWRA Membership.


How it Works

The training materials themselves are high quality methods of connecting via varied formats including audio-guided PowerPoint presentations, videos, technical documents and internet links to associated materials. You can set your own pace for the training as you earn CEUs from the comfort of your home or office without added travel expenses. Please note that the hours shown in the course descriptions refer to the number of continuing education credits you can earn, not the time it takes you to complete the course. Since the pace at which people learn is different for everyone, the time it takes to complete a course may be different than the credit hours shown.

Signing up is easy! Just go to, create an account and start accessing online course content from experts in our industry, immediately. Upon completion of a course, simply complete a brief online assessment and receive a digital certificate that you can print for your records. Online and telephone customer service & support is available to answer questions. Your educational viewing activity is saved on your account so you can access it whenever you want to do so. It’s education when you want it, where you want it!
The NOWRA course content has been configured to allow flexibility. Participants may select the class length they need based on their continuing education requirements, the subject matter, or how much time they have to commit to training. It’s time to start your NOWRA online learning journey!


Courses Offered

Operation and maintenance is the most overlooked and undervalued aspect of the onsite industry. This course provides a useful training tool for a diverse audience; from the novice practitioner looking for an introduction to O&M, to the experienced professional wanting a refresher. This short course includes materials ranging from the EPA Management Guidelines to the personal perspective of a video for homeowners.
This training capsule includes varied teaching methods including audio-guided PowerPoint presentations, guidance documents and videos. This training cell includes an assessment to demonstrate to the participant their working knowledge after completing the O&M course.


This course is a subset of the 8-hour NOWRA Onsite A-Z course described below. In this course, participants will learn the basic principles of onsite technologies and wastewater characteristics. The course utilizes audio-guided PowerPoint presentations, external website links to pertinent training materials and supplemental reading as the various modes of training. The participant will have 2 assessments to complete to verify their comprehension of the course material.
This is a valuable course for participants who are just beginning in the onsite industry. The course provides the participant with a stable decentralized education foundation upon which they can build. This online course provides the opportunity to conveniently complete material which are pre-requisites to more advanced onsite topics. 

This course is also a subset of the full NOWRA Onsite A-Z course, and moves from theory to application. The materials presented in this course will introduce the critical thinking necessary to evaluate soil and site characteristics and best match onsite technology to the site, soil and system characteristics and demands.  Audio-guided PowerPoint presentations will advance from soil and site evaluation to the technical concepts of pump assisted onsite systems. Pumps and controls will be given special attention to ensure the student is proficient in understanding and applying sound design concepts. Multiple assessments throughout this course will allow the student to advance with confidence that they are in step with technical progression of the course materials.

The NOWRA A to Z course is the industry standard for Onsite technical training. This course provides all of the previously described course materials in a fluid and logical series of training tools; 51 course items are provided for the participant to complete including assessments to confirm targeted learning has been completed.

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