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NOWRA Is Working on Your Behalf in Washington 

The Onsite/Decentralized wastewater treatment industry serves 85 million Americans -- more than 25% of the country -- but is the forgotten element of our national wastewater infrastructure. While our industry has many challenges, it also has a terrific story to tell. Onsite/Decentralized wastewater treatment is a low-cost, highly effective, environmentally friendly and versatile way to treat residential and commercial water in a way which protects public health. It works well whether deployed in urban, suburban or rural settings and is a better alternative to centralized sewage treatment in many contexts.

Unfortunately, our industry has never been well-organized at the national level. As a result, we have largely been ignored when major decisions affecting our national wastewater infrastructure have been made. NOWRA's advocacy effort aims to change that paradigm. Through lobbying for our interests before Congress and the regulators, we expect to make our voices heard so that our industry can claim its fair share of support from Washington.

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