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How You Can Become Involved

NOWRA welcomes the support of its members, related organizations and interested individuals in pursuing its advocacy goals. Here are some ways you can help.

The event will be held May 2-3, 2017 in Washington, DC. Details
Why you should attend this event

This is an outstanding opportunity to influence your elected officials in Washington about the benefits of onsite wastewater treatment and to encourage them to support increased funding and policies which will help our industry grow while addressing many of the problems it has faced through years of neglect by policymakers.

  • Financial contribution. We would welcome your participation on the Board of Governors if you are able to make that commitment.  You would also be welcome to contribute at a lower level. All of the funds raised go directly to supporting our advocacy efforts. Here is a link to let your organization become involved.
  • Let your members know. We will periodically publish reports of our advocacy/lobbying activities. You can help spread the word by including those reports on your website and in your newsletter.
  • Develop your state lobbying infrastructure. Some state onsite associations have well-established lobbying efforts in place; others do not. In many cases, victories won at the national level will still need to be implemented at the state level. If you have a process and structure in place for advocacy in your state capital, great. If you don’t, you should seek to develop this capability to ensure that your state benefits from opportunities presented as a result of NOWRA’s efforts.

  • Financial contribution. NOWRA welcomes your financial contribution in any amount to support our efforts. See our document on joining the campaign for more details.
  • Help us take action. There will be times when we will ask you to write your elected representatives to support one of our initiatives. We will make it easy for you to respond; we just ask that you take action.
  • Get to know your elected representatives. Whether it's your elected Members of Congress or your state senators and representatives, the more we are able to inform our elected officials about the benefits of onsite wastewater treatment and how they can help, the more successful we will be.
  • Be an advocate for our industry. Write letters to the editor in support of greater funding and support for onsite wastewater treatment...submit a guest editorial on that subject...put a link to NOWRA's advocacy page on your website, or an article you have written.

The more people and organizations that are involved in advocating for our industry's interests, the greater the likelihood that we will be successful!