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Just-in-time Construction

  • Decentralized wastewater treatment systems can help ensure that communities retain more control over growth. Because of their ‘modular’ nature, decentralized systems allow infrastructure to be built where and when it is needed., and growth patterns can better reflect the wishes of community leaders.

  • A decentralized approach might involve the use of multiple types of treatment systems, depending on geography, population density, and other factors. For example, homes in more remote locations could be served by individual residential treatment system, while those closer geographically might be connected via one or several cluster treatment systems. Others might be served by conventional sewer. This approach can keep maintenance and energy usage costs down and allow communities to do a better job of matching infrastructure with needs.

  • Another challenge in rural communities is population decline. Many communities with declining populations are now paying the price for having built a large central facility which now needs to be supported by a shrinking customer base. The result? Water bills go thru the roof, service declines, and community coffers are bled dry.