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Why Attend?

The 2016 Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference is hosted by NOWRA and NAWT, with the following state associations as co-hosts: COWA (California), AzOWRA (Arizona), UOWA  
(Utah), CPOW (Colorado) and POWRA-NM (New Mexico) and FOWA (Florida).

It will also serve as the location for the Annual Business Meeting of SORA, the State Onsite Regulators Alliance.

Something for everyone. No matter your role in the onsite wastewater industry -- contractor, engineer, designer, regulator, or educator -- you should plan to attend this conference. You will find lots of useful learning opportunities:

You'll get ideas to help support your current business. Through education sessions, conversations with colleagues, and meetings with many of the industry's most progressive and innovative companies in the exhibit hall, you can get new ideas for building your existing business.

You can identify new ways to expand your business. Onsite/decentralized technologies are being applied in ways that could never have been imagined only a few years ago. Plus, with factors such as increasing water shortages, skyrocketing costs to build and maintain central sewer infrastructure, and a wide range of applications finding new market niches, the opportunities for your company to expand into different business segments have never been better. You will learn about many of them at this conference.

Bigger really is better. While size doesn’t always matter, it will here. Having such a wide range of options for meeting your education needs is another reason to attend the Mega-Conference

You can meet your continuing education requirements. In most states, the conference curriculum will qualify for credit hours in licensing or professional certification programs.

It's an investment. If you get one good idea which translates into more business or a better way to do things, you will more than justify your cost of attending. Attending this conference is not an expense; it's an investment in you.

You won't want to miss this valuable conference. Register Today!