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Cont. Ed Credits

Most Western State Onsite Programs do not require Continuing Education Units. Some requirements occur at the county level.

Each conference participant is provided a Conference Program book at registration. All education sessions are shown with date, time, speaker, topic and presentation abstract. An Attendance Verification Form is also included in the Conference Program book. Room monitors will be located in each class which is being offered for continuing education credit. Those monitors will stamp the Attendance Verification Form in the space provided on that form next to the session title. They will only stamp books for participants who have sat in on the entire session. At the conclusion of the conference, each participant brings their program and supplied attendance verification form to the registration counter, where official conference representatives review and verify session attendance based on the sessions stamped in the program book. The conference participant then has a signed document providing specific attendance details which can then be presented to the appropriate officials. Be sure to save your Program Book for session abstracts, speaker bios or other documentation you need.

The following state are providing specific approvals for continuing education credit:
New Mexico - Conference CEUs accepted for Installer Specialist Category for all classes which focus on design, installation or operation and maintenance of onsite septic systems.
Florida - FOWA, which is a co-host of this conference is an official accreditation agency. Florida CEU rules and requirements will apply to all Florida onsite wastewater professionals requiring credit.
California - COWA, which is a co-host of this conference is an official accreditation agency for California Environmental Health Professionals. Attendees will receive their CEU certificates directly from COWA.