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Field Trips

Choose From Three Great Field Trip Options

Objective: To showcase facilities related to residential and small commercial wastewater management systems including those in sensitive watersheds and the professional that serve this industry. (~30 min. each stop)
1.    Delaware State Fire School, Dover, DE - Meet with representatives of the Delaware State Fire School to review safety training courses that are available for onsite professionals including trenching and confined space safety.
2.    Martinak State Park, Denton, MD - The various facilities of the Martinak State Park are served by nine (9) different onsite wastewater systems utilizing three (3) different pretreatment units that reduce nitrogen discharges within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  The tour will allow participants to view these systems in operation and discuss the successes and challenges associated with the various pretreatment systems.
3.    Delaware Technical and Community College - Onsite Training Center, Georgetown, DE - As part of its Environmental Training Program, the Delaware Technical and Community College constructed the Onsite Training Center to provide full size demonstration facilities for various onsite systems, pretreatment processes and related demonstrations.  The facility is designed to provide training opportunities for the public, onsite professionals, and related industry professionals.  The facility tour will showcase how Delaware utilized an approximately 1.25-acre site to develop an effective onsite field training center.
4.    Septage Processing Facility, Milton, DE - A local waste hauler operated a lime stabilization septage and biosolids processing facility.  After lime stabilization and clarification liquid/solids separation clarified effluent is spray irrigated onsite and concentrated biosolids are land applied at various agricultural sites.  A tour of the facility will be provided and the various processes will be discussed.
5.    Potential Facility Installation - If schedules can be coordinated, will stop at an installation site where a nutrient reduction pretreatment system is being installed as part of a replacement onsite disposal system funded by the State of Delaware State Revolving Fund (SRF) program.

Objective: To showcase facilities that demonstrate the role of onsite wastewater technologies in serving larger community and for-profit community and regional utility wastewater management systems. (~30 min. each stop)
1.    Utility Facility (Artesian Wastewater Management) - Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) pretreatment system for nitrogen reduction and vegetated rapid Infiltration basin disposal system.
2.    Utility Facility (Tidewater Environmental Services) - Membrane pretreatment system for nitrogen reduction and un-vegetated rapid Infiltration basin disposal system.
3.    Utility Facility (Tidewater Environmental Services) - Membrane pretreatment system for nitrogen reduction and subsurface micro-irrigation (drip irrigation) disposal system.
4.    Utility Facility (Tidewater Environmental Services) - SBR pretreatment system for nitrogen reduction and distributed subsurface disposal bed disposal system.
5.    Community Facility - Aerated lagoon pretreatment and storage system and spray irrigation land application disposal system for polishing and nutrient reduction.

Objective: To help educate Congress about onsite/decentralized systems and to solicit their support for increased funding and other policies which will strengthen our industry.

We need your help! Since 2014 NOWRA has been actively working in Washington to generate greater support for our industry, by meeting with Members of Congress and officials at federal agencies such as EPA. Our industry represents more than 85 million people who are served by onsite and decentralized systems, but we are virtually ignored by Washington when it comes to funding or policies aimed at supporting this important piece of our nation's wastewater infrastructure.

We ask that you consider joining this field trip to Washington to meet with your elected officials to help educate them about our industry -- what we do, who we serve, and how their constituents would benefit from greater access to funding and policies which will encourage greater use of this green and sustainable technology.

If you care about the future of our industry, don't miss this opportunity to play a role in ensuring a bright future for it! In May of this year NOWRA conducted its 4th Legislative Fly-in here in Washington. While this event has grown each year, we realize that it's difficult for everyone to take the time and bear the expense to come to Washington solely for the purpose of lobbying their senators and representatives. Dover, DE is a relatively short distance from Washington DC, making it an ideal opportunity to deliver your message without incurring the expense of attending NOWRA's legislative fly-ins.

7:30 am            Depart Dover (breakfast provided)
9:30 am            Arrive Washington, DC
10:00 - 11:30 am    Lobbying briefing on Capitol Hill (lunch provided)
11:30 am - 4:00 pm    Visits to Congressional Offices
4:30 pm            Depart Washington, DC
7:00 pm            Arrive Dover

Believe it or not, visiting Congressional offices will be an enjoyable experience. Visits from constituents are very important to all Members of Congress and they will be glad to learn what is on your mind. Plus, we will pair you up with someone who has lobbied Congress before -- either a member of NOWRA's Lobbying Board of Governors or from the staff of Polsinelli, LLC, our DC lobbying firm. To participate in this field trip you need to make your reservation no later than Sunday, October 1, so that our lobbying team in Washington has enough time to make appointments with your representative and senators. We need a minimum of 15 people to make this trip a reality. Please join us!