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CEU Approvals

Find State CEU Approvals HereNOWRA is in the process of seeking approval from states which require continuing education for installers, designers, service providers, and inspectors. Check back regularly for updates as approvals are received.

Each conference participant is provided a Conference Program book at registration. All concurrent education sessions are shown with date, time, speaker, topic and presentation abstract. An Attendance Verification Form is also included in the Conference Program book. Room monitors will be located in each class which is being offered for continuing education credit. Those monitors will stamp the Attendance Verification Form in the space provided on that form next to the session title. They will only stamp books for participants who have sat in on the entire session. At the conclusion of the conference, each participant brings their program to the registration counter, where official conference representatives review and verify session attendance based on the sessions stamped in the program book. The conference participant then has a signed document providing specific attendance details which can then be presented to the appropriate officials. Be sure to save your Program Book for session abstracts, speaker bios or other documentation you need.

State Professionals Covered Details
MN All OWTS professionals Approved for 4.5 Direct and 39.5 Related CEUs. MOWA will have a sheet available at the Registration desk outlining all of the courses for which credits have been granted. See MPCA letter attached.
AL Onsite Wastewater Professionals Conference approved for credit by AOWB
GA Septic Tank Contractors
See document from GA FPH EH for specifics
MA (1) Soil Evaluators, System Inspectors NEIWPCC approval for TCHs "as awarded" for SE and SI renewals. Details
MA (2) WW Treatment Plant Operators Mass DEP has awarded 12 TCH for the conference and 4 TCH for field trips for operators. Details
MD WW Operators Approved for up to 12 units, maximum
MO Various onsite WW professionals Missouri Dept. of Health and Social Services has awarded credit for most classes. See attached form for detailed information
NH Designers and Installers See document from NH DES for specific courses approved
OH Installers, Septage Haulers and Service Providers Up to 18.5 hours available, including field trip credits, per ODH. Details
OK Onsite Wastewater Professionals All classes approved  for continuing education hours
OR Onsite Installers and Onsite O&M OESAC approval of conference curriculum. See letter for details
PA Sewage Enforcement Officers (SEOs) Up to 6 contact hours can be earned by attending classes all day on Oct. 22 & 23, plus participation in a full-day field trip. See letter for details
RI C1 I, II, III, IV licensees See RIDEM letter for details
VT Licensed Designers VT DEC has approved 4 non-soil credits per day at the Mega-Conference. Details
VA Onsite WW Professionals VA-Dept. of Professional and Occupational Regulation. They do not pre-approve credits but has historically approved most NOWRA or Mega-Conference courses. As long as the classes taken correspond to approved course topics for Onsite Sewage System Installers (link to list of topics), Onsite Sewage System Operators (link to list of topics), or Onsite Soil Evaluators (link to list of topics), the clsses should count for continuing education credit.
WI POWTS Inspectors, POWTS Maintainer, Soil Testers WI Dept. of Safety and Professionals Services has awarded 12 credits for each of the categories listed. Details.
NEHA All CIOWTS certified installers Approved for 12 contact hours. Details