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Committees & Task Forces

NOWRA's committees are the working groups of the organization. They exist over time to shape the direction of the organization. NOWRA welcomes and encourages its members to become involved with its committees and task forces.


Alison Blodig, Chair

Role: Serve as the lead committee for the NOWRA Annual Conference by providing an effective committee structure and knowledge of regional industry issues. Works closely with local organizational support team (if available). Responsibilities: Works with the Executive Director to implement annual conference program activities, identifying and support obtaining keynote speakers and entertainment and conference program social activities; and, provide regional input to the Education Committee on programs forums that benefit NOWRA members and the onsite industry.


Sergio Abit, chair

Advance member education through the NOWRA annual conference, state programs, Installer Academy classroom and online training courses, and other venues or specialty programs. Provide opportunities for essential dialogue on innovative technologies and management through effective forums, and maintain approval of Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for all NOWRA courses. Responsibilities: Develop the education program for the Annual Conference and Installer Academy; disseminate training programs and learning skills for all practitioners, coordinate with other organizations and states’ groups.

Tom Fritts, chair

Establish and facilitate effective communication and monitoring strategies with local, state legislative and federal regulatory officials. Responsibilities: Develop legislative strategies, organize and prepare constituent groups and coalitions to advance and achieve acceptance of the NOWRA framework, performance code, and other defined needs of the Association including contractor certification.

Donna Fiorentino, chair

Role: Develop effective communications and promotional strategies with external partners and other interests that achieves greater public awareness of NOWRA's programs and work on behalf of the onsite industry. Develop strategies for membership growth and retention at the national level and to provide support to affiliate organizations. Oversee the NOWRA website. Responsibilities: Work with the Executive Director to implement identified strategies that showcase the achievements of NOWRA’s, its members, and its national leadership in water quality protection through production of the Associations publications, website, and homeowners education materials

Russell Martin, chair

Serve as communication conduit between the NOWRA leadership and respective local Associations to identify membership needs, and provide essential information developed by NOWRA that contributes to professional effectiveness. Responsibilities: Provide an organized effort to develop a national model performance code for use as a decision-making tool for effective management of onsite treatment systems promoting practitioner certification as a necessary program element.


Dennis Hallahan, chair

Promote sound and appropriate technical practices in the application of onsite wastewater treatment system management. Responsibilities: Develop technical materials on proven and successful technologies, soil science, transmission, installation, and recycle/reuse practices that ensure the effective implementation of safe onsite systems and water quality protection.

Are working task groups, approinted by the President for a specific purpose. Once their "task" is accomplised they either cease to exist and are disbanded, go inactive or can become a committee. The Task Forces that are currently in use at NOWRA are:

Currently dormant

Ensure that the Association's governance procedures are current and relevant to its ongoing work. Responsibilities: Produce an bi-annual review of needed items that ensure legal compliance with NOWRA's corporate status and documentation.

Sara Heger

 Role: Develop and publish course content for NOWRA's Online Education Platform.Train state affiliates on how to use online education platform and assist in developing and publishing content for state-level continuing education courses. Develop policies on pricing, access to the platform and revenue sharing.


Currently dormant

Role: Help identify needs for new website and back-end database to facilitate e-commerce and improve members' experience when visiting NOWRA website. Completed recommendations to NOWRA Board September 2011


Currently dormant

Research info for the development of a NOWRA online resource library. Completed original mission 2009.


Randy Miles

Guide development of the Onsite Journal.

To Join a Committee, please download an application. To join a Task Force, contact the Chair.