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Your Business Operations

NOWRA, Onsite Wastewater and the Coronavirus OutbreakBusiness Operations
The links below are intended to help you deal with the impact of Coronavirus on your business operations:

OSHA- Guidance on Preparing a Workplace for an Influenza Pandemic
Wastewater and Covid-19 – What Are the Risks? This document provides advice on what we do know and don’t know about the virus and how you can protect yourself and your employees
The Washington On-Site Sewage Association has posted a video :which shares insights on how onsite wastewater businesses should be preparing their businesses for the pandemic.
Washington On-Site Sewage Association guidance
Virginia Department of Health “Safe Handling of Materials”
OSHA rules on handling solid waste and wastewater
CDC guidance on handling waste

The Centers for Disease Control has put together a useful document for addressing Covid-19 in your business.
National Groundwater Association-Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to COVID-19
US Chamber of Commerce- Coronavirus: 8 Things Your Business Needs to Do

US Chamber of Commerce
- How to Use Crowdfunding to Support Your Small Business Through Coronavirus
US Chamber of Commerce- 3 Expert Strategies for Curbing Coronavirus-Related Business Losses