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Courses Developed by State Affiliates

The following NOWRA State Affiliates also offer training classes which are approved for continuing education credit in their state:

Missouri Math Review 101

O&M, Sampling & Wastewater Overview - Dr. Sara Heger (1.75 hours)
Design & Installation with O&M Considerations - Jeremiah Gunia (1.25 hours)
Operational Start-up - Jeremiah Gunia (0.5 hours)
Challenging Wastewater & Changing Water Usage - Dr. Sara Heger (1.25 hours)
Introduction to Aerobic Treatment Units - Dr. Sara Heger (0.5 hours)
Troubleshooting Aerobic Treatment Units - Jeremiah Gunia (1.25 hours)
Introduction to Media Filters - Dr. Sara Heger (1 hour)
Troubleshooting Media Filters - Jeremiah Gunia (0.5 hours)
Compaction: The Enemy of System Longevity - Dr. Sara Heger (1 hour)
Troubleshooting Pumps & Controls - Jeremiah Gunia (1 hour)
Inspection & Troubleshooting Septic Tanks - Dr. Sara Heger (1.25 hours)
Effective Communication - Jeremiah Gunia (0.5 hours)
Impacts from Water Treatment Devices & Microplastics - Dr. Sara Heger (0.75 hours)
Service Provider Alternative O&M Training Program for Pretreatment Products (13.75 hour bundle)

Pathogens in Wastewater – John Thomas (1 hour)
Past, Present and Future of Wastewater – Dr. BruceLesikar, P.E. (1 hour)
Future of On-Site in Texas – John Blount, P.E. (1 hour)
Low Pressure Dosed Drainfields – Dr. John Buchanan (2 hours)
Roles in Wastewater Infrastructure – Dr. Robert Rubin (1 hour)
DOT Safety Talk – Sgt. Jim Galyean, Texas DPS
Confined Space Entry for Workers in the On-Site Industry – Chuck Ahrens
OSSF Pollutants in the Dispersal Area – Dr. Sergio Abit
Your Septic System on Drugs – Dr. John Buchanan
Drip System Maintenance – Prochaska and Morgan
Ethics of On-Site Design by a Regulator – Brandon Couch
Riser Access and Safety – Claude Goguen, P.E.
When Do You Need to Pump? Roxanne Groover, P.E.
Legislative, Regulatory and Industry Direction, Randy Chellette
Changing Wastewater and Usage – Dr. Sara Heger
Electrical Power Outages and Floods – Dr. Bruce Lesikar, P.E.
Sub-Surface Drip Installation Methods – James Prochaska, P.E.

Designing, Installing, and Operating Conventional Onsite Wastewater Systems in Virginia – An Overview

Onsite 101 Distance Learning Course
Onsite 102 Distance Learning Course


Several more NOWRA Affiliated State Associations are developing courses for their use as well, so watch this space.