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 State and National Testing Field Performance Programs for Advanced Systems
Adriana Greco
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Product evaluation programs for advanced treatment systems have been well established for several decades. The requirements are most often set by local and state agencies having responsibility for proper sewage treatment and disposal. Most requirements are established using test data generated under controlled conditions. The NSF/ANSI Standard 40 Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems is the most commonly referenced test procedure and criteria upon which testing is performed, and acceptance determined. Increasingly, local and state agencies are seeking field data in addition to data generated under controlled conditions. The goal is to understand how advanced treatment technologies perform under the highly variable conditions of actual use rather than only under controlled test conditions. In some cases this field data is collected for informational purposes, while others are establishing field performance criteria. Field sampling to demonstrate product performance is not new. However, a well-defined program under which such information is collected, analyzed and reported has been lacking. This paper reviews several new programs that attempt to provide such structure to field sampling, including those in the State of Pennsylvania and Maryland as well as in the Province of Quebec. It further reviews the potential development of a national program under review by the NSF Joint Committee on Wastewater Technology, a peer committee responsible for developing and expanding the American National Standards for onsite treatment technologies.