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 Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment Database ManagementPrograms for Innovative/Alternative On-Site Sewage Treatment Systems
Susan G. Rask, George R. Heufelder, Holly Everson and Christopher Burt
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Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment serves the fifteen towns comprising Cape Cod. Cape Cod has experienced rapid development over the last 30 years, but wastewater treatment infrastructure was not developed concurrently, and approximately 85 % of our sewage is disposed of in conventional on-site septic systems. Wastewater from septic systems is increasingly causing nitrogen impacts in many of our coastal embayments. In response to concerns about coastal water quality, towns on Cape Cod are requiring the installation of innovative/alternative (I/A) on-site treatment systems under certain circumstances and approximately 1000 of these systems have been installed countywide. Ensuring that these systems are properly maintained and that effluent meets water quality limits is extremely labor intensive for local health departments which typically have small staffs and diverse duties. To maximize efficiency of I/A system tracking, Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment has partnered with local Health Departments to develop a customized database that uses web-based reporting. Wastewater operators report maintenance and water quality monitoring results directly to the database via the internet, creating virtually paperless reporting. The database has multiple capabilities including tracking of inspection and sampling visits, whether the system has an active O&M contract, whether effluent meets specified limits (which can be customized for each system), ability to download effluent water quality data sets, ability to notify us when system inspection or sampling does not occur, and ability to track correspondence and other actions undertaken to effect compliance. The database was chosen for its reasonable cost, ease of use, and because of its ability to be customized to our diverse needs, which include highly variable sampling and inspection requirements for individual systems. Benefits of the database include real time information on systems,