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 A Performance Comparison Between Three Types of Subsurface Wastewater Systems Using Hydrus-2D Software
Virginia Leigh Richardson, William S. Janna
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The hydraulic performance of two sizes of subsurface wastewater drainage systems with various dosage levels, are analyzed in this study. Specifically the investigation compares a 1 x 1 ft trench and a 1 x 3 ft trench for both a new and a mature, gravel drainage systems. The cross sections of these systems are assumed to be two dimensional trenches. Flow of water into these systems is analyzed using Hydrus-2D software, and the results are compared. These systems are modeled to determine performance when first installed, and again when they reached maturity. Performance parameters include the flow rate through the bottom of the trenches as well as flow rate through the sides. The performance of a 1 x 1 ft trench is compared to that of a 1 x 3 ft trench, showing
the change in flow due to a larger trench bottom area. The flow of liquid into each trench is in the form of an unsteady dosage rate, which allows for the determination of the tendency of each configuration to pond. It was found that as the dosing rate increased the ponding height of the trenches increased for all systems, although not linearly. Also as all systems matured the flow rate out of the system decreased and the ponding height increased. The 1 x 1 foot trench system which was mature performed nearly as well as the 3 x 1 foot trench system.