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 Installation and Operational Problems with Innovative Alternative Treatment Systems
Steven H. Corr and Allison Blodig
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The objective of this paper is to illustrate to those involved in larger decentralized systems (designers, manufacturers, regulators, developers and owners) the problems that arise when poor installation takes place and its subsequent impact on the operation of these systems. The authors have documented the problems at a fairly typical development as well as providing performance data on a development in the same area that has not had installation and operational issues as a control. We will attempt to provide the audience with an understanding of how these issues evolved and show what the impact can be unless efforts are made to improve the process. We believe that in many instances the developers, designers and regulators may not be providing the construction oversight necessary to ensure that the installers are meeting the design specifications and that the industry needs to seriously review and upgrade the construction procedures. We also will show that untrained and/or unmotivated maintenance providers make the process of troubleshooting systems even more difficult.