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 Speaking the Same Language: A Glossary for the Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Industry
Nancy Deal, John Buchanan, Kitt Farrell-Poe, Mark Gross, David Gustafson, David Kalen, Bruce Lesikar, David Lindbo, George Loomis, Randy Miles and Courtney O’Neill
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As the decentralized industry grows, the national focus evident in all sectors is accompanied by a critical need for training and education in all areas. This includes system siting and design, component construction and installation, operation and maintenance as well as consumer education. The regulatory sector must also be knowledgeable in all aspects of decentralized wastewater treatment in order to make informed, reasonable permitting and enforcement decisions. Because inconsistent terminology is a barrier to acceptance of nationally developed guidance documents, training materials, and consumer information, all sectors must begin to speak the same language. The development of a national glossary will enhance the overall professionalism of the industry by eliminating the use of multiple terms for the same technology, parameter or required function. Standardized terminology will also allow consumers to make informed choices regarding available technologies and service options.