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 Advanced Wastewater Treatment—A European Perspective
Mark Stimson and Wolfgang Lühr
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New rulings by the European Union have mandated more stringent contamination levels for all wastewater effluent discharged into surface and groundwater. As result new treatment technologies have emerged demonstrating higher performance, reliability and decreasing the life cycle cost of wastewater treatments plants. Ceramic membranes have demonstrated their effectiveness in high value fluid separation applications. However one manufacturer has developed innovative ceramic membrane designs and treatment technology specifically for wastewater and recycling applications. Micro, ultra and nano filtration coupled with a single step back-pulse cleaning and microbubble diffusion promise tertiary treatment in a single reactor resulting in high quality effluent at more cost-effective levels. This paper will review the regulatory challenges; compare and evaluate typical onsite systems in operation in the EU. Review several case studies using advanced membrane technology and make comparisons and draw parallels between the EU and US wastewater markets. In conclusion the paper will evaluate the emerging membrane filtration technology as it applies to the US decentralized onsite wastewater treatment market.