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 The HUBER MembraneClearBox®: Upgrading Onsite Septic Tanks to High-Quality Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Systems
Sandra Schuler and Simone Meuler
Item Number: NRL2006AC-39
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Price: $20.00
Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is a proven technology in wastewater treatment and reclamation that combines conventional biological treatment with a membrane separation process thereby providing consistent high quality effluent which is low in particulate and organic matter. Pathogens are almost completely removed from the effluent and treated wastewater is suitable for beneficial reuse. The Huber MembraneClearBox® (MCB®) is a small membrane bioreactor unit designed for individual homes and available as a retrofit kit for septic tanks. The Huber MCB® has undergone two independent performance tests: the German Design Certification and California Title 22 approval for water reuse. The onsite wastewater treatment system MembraneClearBox® installed by HUBER at the test site of the Test Institute for Wastewater Technology (PIA) in Aachen, Germany was tested according to European Standard EN 12566 Part 3. Average treatment efficiencies during 38-week performance testing were 95.9% for COD, 99.1% for BOD5, 81.9% for NH4-N, 99.3% for TSS, and 99.9% for fecal coliforms. Title 22 approval testing was conducted at the Point Loma wastewater treatment plant (PLWTP) in San Diego, California. Results showed an effluent quality with turbidity less than 0.1 NTU for 100% of the samples collected while operating at peak flux of 38 gallons per square foot per day during the 6-day peaking study. The Huber MCB® also achieved more than 3.0-log removal of MS-2 virus for more than 50% of the samples collected during the virus seeding experiments conducted before and after cleaning the membranes.