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 Total Nitrogen Removal in a Single Submerged Attached Growth Bioreactor
Philip B. Pedros, Hameed Metghalchi and W.K. Dobie
Item Number: NRL2006AC-40
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The use of a single-unit, single-zone submerged attached growth bioreactor (SAGB) for the combined removal of carbonaceous organics and nitrogen from a municipal wastewater was demonstrated. A nitrification efficiency of 97% was achieved at a total (reactor) organic loading of 3.47 kg-bCOD/m3–day. The total (reactor) nitrogen loading varied from 0.2 kg-N/m3–day to 0.3 kg- N/m3–day, and resulted in effluent total nitrogen concentrations ranging from 4.2 mg/L to 8.5 mg/L. Concurrent denitrification was achieved at rates ranging from 0.077 kg-N/m3–day to 0.29 kg-N/m3–day. This single-unit SAGB, by providing dual treatment capacities, represents a cost-effective option that is particularly attractive for facilities with limited space and budget for system upgrade.