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 Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Facilities: Elements of Successful Financial Planning
Ryan C. Brandt
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Financial planning is a key element of managing a successful decentralized wastewater system. Successful financial planning involves establishing annual budgets, determining future capital replacement costs and setting appropriate billing rates, and requires support from developers, engineers, attorneys and service providers (operators). When Owners become involved in financial planning early in the design phase of the project, they can make educated decisions about choosing a wastewater technology that best suits their needs. The financial planning process can be used as a tool to determine which types of wastewater systems are affordable to residents, and what sort of monthly rates can be anticipated with each technology type. Responsible engineers inform owners on not only capital (upfront) costs, but also explain to their client what are the expected long-term operating and replacement costs. Responsible developers/planners work together with engineers, service providers, and attorneys to ensure that the end-users (homeowners) clearly understand how to maintain their wastewater system.