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 Integrated Wastewater and Stormwater Management Feasibility Study in a Coastal Community
Bruce Douglas, Norman Hantzsche, and Granville Bowman
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An integrated wastewater and stormwater feasibility study was recently completed in the City of Malibu, a semi-rural coastal community in northern Los Angeles County, California. The Malibu Civic Center is a small urban area adjacent to environmentally sensitive Malibu Lagoon and heavily used Surf Rider Beach (Figure 1). A prior risk assessment study prioritized the locations where wastewater management needs are the highest. This project had two major components: 1) develop a viable wastewater management solution to enhance groundwater to Malibu Creek and Lagoon that will meet Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) for nutrients in the lower Malibu Creek watershed; 2) develop a viable stormwater management system to contribute toward achieving Total Maximum Daily Loads for bacteria in the lower Malibu Creek Watershed and at the Santa Monica Bay beaches adjacent to the study area.