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Continuing Education Credit

Continuing education is important for many onsite industry professionals, and NOWRA offers high-quality online educational content as well as in-person training (upon request). By participating in NOWRA’s education programs, members gain a learning foundation that continuously builds personal and professional opportunities.

How Conference Attendees Can Obtain CEUs for Classes They Have Attended

  1. After attending a class, you will be required to take a 3-question test on the educational content
  2. You must answer two questions correctly to pass. You may take the quiz multiple times
  3. Once you pass the test, credit for your attendance will be added to a certificate, along with other classes you take that day. You can also go back and review the material.
  4. At the end of the day, you can generate a certificate documenting all of the courses you attended during the day.

Each attendee is responsible for their own documentation and for making sure it is correctly submitted to the proper authorities. For states which require the course provider to submit documentation, NOWRA will submit that information in a timely fashion following the conference. You shoud still keep a copy of your certification documentation for your records and as a double check against any errors in recording your continuing education credits.

Approvals as of October 7, 2020

National Approvals

  • NAWT – All courses approved for Continuing Education Credit for NAWT Certified Professionals
  • NEHA – All courses approved for certified Environmental Health Professionals and CIOWTS Installers

Individual State Approvals (for 2020 conference)

IMPORTANT! Please be sure to read any documentation for your state in the chart below so that you understand which courses are approved and how you should submit your information.

State Professionals Covered Notes/Documentation
AL Onsite Wastewater Professionals Alabama does not pre-approve courses or providers, but participants are encouraged to submit for credit
AZ NAWT-Certified Professionals NAWT has approved all courses of this conference as eligible for credit.
CA NAWT-Certified Professionals NAWT has approved all courses of this conference as eligible for credit.
CO NAWT-Certified Professionals NAWT has approved all courses of this conference as eligible for credit. Note: CEU approvals are done at the county level. Check with your county authorities for specific guidance.
DE Licensed Onsite WW Professionals All courses approved for credit, per DNREC. Details
GA Septic Tank Contractors All courses approved for credit, per Georgia DPH. Details
IN Installers Approved. Details
MA-1 Title 5 Professionals Approved for up to 12 TCHs. Details
MA-2 WW Operators Approved by Mass DEP Board of Certification for WW treatment plant operators. Details
MO DHSS Onsite Professionals Approved for credit. Important! Not all classes are applicable for all DHSS onsite professionals. Details
ND Installers Approved in specific North Dakota Health Districts. Details
NH Designers & Installers CEU requirements waived this year, per NH Governor. Details
NM NAWT-Certified Professionals NAWT has approved all courses of this conference as eligible for credit.
OH Installers, Septage Haulers and Service Providers Approved for up to 17 credits. Maximum of 6 hours can be earned in any one day. Details
OK Onsite Wastewater Professionals All courses approved for credit, per OK Dept. of Health. Details
PA Sewage Enforcement Officers Preliminary approval received for 6 credits. Details
RI Onsite Wastewater Professionals RIDEM no longer pre-approves courses, but requires OWTS professionals to keep track of their own CEUs  Details
VT WW Operators Specific Courses approved for credit. Details
VA All licensed Onsite WW Professionals Virginia does not pre-approve courses, but will approve any course which fits their subject matter categories for wastewater plant operators.
WI Onsite WW Professionals All sessions approved. Details

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