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Company Description
Fuji Clean USA
41-2 Greenwood Road
Brunswick, Maine 04011
Sales Contact: Lee Verbridge
Phone: 860-304-6110
With a deep respect for the environment and a long tradition of innovative problem-solving, Orenco Systems® designs and builds the world’s best decentralized wastewater systems with pride in Southern Oregon. Our products help ensure the health and safety of people, neighborhoods, and communities everywhere by protecting the world’s water. Founded in 1981, Orenco has become an industry leader, with about 350 employees and some 330 points of distribution in North and Central America, Australasia, Europe, and Africa. Our systems have been installed in more than 70 countries around the world. We maintain an environmental lab and employ dozens of civil, electrical, mechanical, and manufacturing engineers, as well as wastewater treatment system operators. Orenco’s technologies are based on sound scientific principles of chemistry, biology, mechanical structure, and hydraulics. As a result, our research appears in numerous publications, and our engineers are regularly asked to give workshops and trainings.
PO Box 640
Plymouth, IN46563
Sales Contact: Pete Sabo
Phone: 574-936-2542
Hydro-Action is an onsite wastewater treatment unit manufacturer with over 25 years of industry experience. Founded in 1988 and relocated to Indiana in 2002, our technology utilizes an activated sludge treatment process, which constantly infuses oxygen to wastewater where aerobic bacteria metabolize the waste.Then it separates in a clarification chamber without the use of media filters, carbon additives, or expensive, high maintenance technologies. We offer our products in a three tank combination as a single unit: pretreatment, aerobic treatment, and pump tank design as the “Set-N-Go” unit.We also sell our tanks as individual treatment plants. We offer 72” tall standard and 52” tall Low Profile systems.We are NSF Standard 40 & 245 Nitrogen Reduction approved with testing results of an average CBOD5 of 4mg/L (98.5% reduction), TSS 9mg/L (95.25% reduction), and 5.1 mg/L dissolved oxygen. Our Nitrogen Reduction averaged less than 10mg/L TN and over 79% reduction in Total Nitrogen removal. As your partner in wastewater treatment systems, we’re proud to offer you Hydro-Action’s best. A system of unprecedented quality that considers everything from delivery to environmental concerns, we think the case is clear. Hydro-Action gives you clear results.
Hiblow USA, Inc.
1300 Tefft Court, Suite 8
Saline, MI  48176
Sales Contact: Tim Smith

Since 1967, our company has been manufacturing & designing diaphragm linear air compressors for manufacturers in the wastewater treatment industry. Today, the Hiblow brand is recognized worldwide for exceptional reliability, durability, low noise and simple maintenance. Hiblow USA supports Original Equipment Manufacturers throughout North America with application engineering and inventory management.
Orenco, Inc.
814 Airway Ave.
Sutherlin, OR 97479
Sales Contact:
Since 1981, Orenco Systems, Inc. has researched, designed, and manufactured innovative onsite and decentralized wastewater collection and treatment technologies. Our solutions include community collection systems, advanced secondary treatment systems, watertight fiberglass tanks, and in-tank pumping and filtration systems. We also manufacture high-quality standard, custom, and OEM controls, along with state-of-the-art fiberglass buildings, tanks, and enclosures.
Residential Sewage Treatment Company
12800 2nd Street
PO Box 248
Grandview, MO 64030
Sales Contact: Tom Fritts
Phone:  816-966-8885




Residential Sewage Treatment Company is a family owned business devoted to supplying onsite wastewater products, system design, and operation & maintenance to the installation contractor. Our technicians and office staff are factory trained and certified to guarantee superior customer service. We offer competitive pricing on alternative wastewater system components and ship nationwide. For contractors wanting to enter the Operation & Maintenance business we offer a wide range of support from basic record keeping to serving as your call center with full dispatching capabilities. We look forward to working with you and helping you increase your profits.
Roth Global Plastics
PO Box 245
Syracuse, NY  13211
Sales Contact: David Hull
Phone: 315-579-3326
Roth Global Plastics, is a leading manufacturer of blow-molded polyethylene residential septic, cistern and rainwater tanks. Roth North America is made up of Roth Global Plastics and Roth Industries. Roth, headquartered in Germany, is a family-owned business with locations in more than 40 countries, $250 million in annual sales and 1,100 employees. Both of the company’s North American operations are in Upstate New York — Roth Global Plastics in Salina and Roth Industries in Watertown. Roth North America specializes in environmentally friendly products that produce, distribute and store energy for the residential market.  For more information, please visit