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Diamond Partners

Company Description
Infiltrator Water Technologies
4 Business Park
Old Saybrook, CT 06475
Sales Contact: Carl Thompson
Phone: 860-577-7035

 Infiltrator Water Technologies' systems complement nature's ability to recycle wastewater. Our mission is to improve the performance of onsite septic systems by producing the highest quality products in the industry. This is achieved by our commitment to innovation throughout the entire organization. This commitment provides our customers with the most dependable, affordable and easy to install products in the onsite wastewater industry.
    Backed by over 25 years of wastewater industry experience, our products are approved in all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. Infiltrator not only provides the wastewater industtry the most reliable and innovative line of products, but also offers the highest evel of technical support to installers, regulators, designers, distributors and homeowners. We continue to be the industry leaders due to our expertise in manufacturing, engineering, science, product development, recycling, and government affairs.
   Infiltrator offers a full line of septic products from one reliable source. Our product lines include Quick4, Quick4 Plus and Arc Chamber Systems, EZflow Geosynthetic Aggregate Systems, IM- and TW-Series Tanks, EZset Septic Tank Riser and Lid Systems, and Aquaworx Control Panels and Remediator.
Norweco, Inc.
220 Republic Street
Norwalk, OH  44857
Sales Contact: Scott Hetrick
Phone: 419-668-4471
Norweco is a manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment equipment for use in small flow applications outside of sanitary sewer collection districts and public water supplies. Norweco’s business roots date back to 1906 and our motto is “Progress Through Service Since 1906”. Norweco’s Modulair series of commercial package wastewater treatment plants have been used for decades providing affordable wastewater treatment for a variety of developments from 1,500 GPD to >100,000 GPD. The Singulair Bio-Kinetic wastewater treatment plant is an onsite aerobic treatment unit that treats domestic wastewater up to 1,500 GPD. A complete line of water and wastewater treatment chemicals is also manufactured by Norweco. Norweco products are sold through distributor and dealer networks in North America and throughout the world.
Presby Environmental
143 Airport Road
Whitefield, NH 03598
Phone: 800-473-5298
Fax: 603-837-9864
Sales Contact: Lee Rashkin
   Presby Environmental, Inc. (PEI), founded in 1995 by inventer and entrepreneur David Presby, is an innovative environmental organization that engineers new technology to change the way the world approaches wastewater treatment. Today, PEI is on the cutting edge of wastewater treatment technology to help protect and preserve our most precious natural resources.  
   Through extensive field testing and R&D, PEI has developed some of the world’s most practical and effective wastewater treatment systems. AES combines superior treatment and dispersal in the same footprint, offering design, installation, and cost advantages no other system can. This System is so effective, it is the only one of its kind to meet the stringent standards of NSF 40 Class I, BNQ Advanced Secondary, and SAI Global.
   Presby Environmental combines innovation, simplicity and extensive research and development into a patented line of complimentary onsite wastewater treatment technologies, designed and manufactured at PEI’s state-of-the-art facility. Mr.Presby continues to lead the industry by striving to improve the techniques and technology used in the field, always pushing to provide then next generation of wastewater treatment technology