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Emerging Professionals

The current onsite wastewater sector has a dynamic community of highly experienced professionals, however, there is a lack of new talent entering the industry. The role young professionals have on the onsite wastewater field cannot be overstated. Young professionals bring a unique energy and are filled with innovative ideas, fresh perspectives, and technological prowess that aid organizations in keeping pace with new emerging trends. One reason for the deficit in incoming talent is the lack of visibility on the onsite wastewater treatment field, particularly in traditional civil and environmental engineering undergraduate programs across colleges and universities. These programs focus entirely on centralized systems, with only a limited number offering courses on decentralized treatment. Given that many students make their career decision during their college years, it is unfortunate that many of them are unaware of the career trajectories associated with the onsite sector. A group of NOWRA members recognized this limitation of connecting with young talent at a critical stage in their education. In 2021, the Emerging Professionals Committee was formed to help in engaging and recruiting early career professionals to the onsite wastewater industry.

Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC)

The Committee is dedicated to workforce development, recruitment, and advocacy on behalf of young and early career professionals in the onsite wastewater treatment sector. In terms of workforce development, we want to see young professionals mentored by NOWRA’s well-seasoned professionals. We also want to see resources routed towards young onsite professionals as they pursue their own entrepreneurial, leadership, and educational endeavors. Our hope is to get more young and early career professionals interested in the industry. A big part of that recruitment initiative is getting the onsite sector in front of students as they are making critical career decisions. Lastly, in terms of advocacy, it is important to voice the needs and opinions of emerging professionals to NOWRA leadership to ensure that their needs are being met and that resources are being allocated towards this important part of our membership. 

EPC Leadership

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