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Emerging Professionals Leadership

Jonathan Kaiser

Emerging Professionals Committee Chair

Jon joined Infiltrator Water Technologies in 2016 as a Project Engineer after graduating with his B.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Vermont. At Infiltrator, Jon works on the design and construction of decentralized wastewater treatment systems. Most recently, Jon has been working on design projects for the treatment of high strength waste streams, which includes wastewater generated from breweries, RV parks, and restaurants. In addition to his engineering role, he also works on product regulation and research and development initiatives. He has presented and published on a multitude of industry-related topics. Jon is currently pursuing a Master of Engineering at the University of Connecticut with a concentration in environmental engineering.

Jillian Maxcy-Brown, PhD

Emerging Professionals Committee Vice Chair

Jillian Maxcy-Brown is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alabama. Her work primarily focuses on addressing the equity challenges for water and wastewater access in underserved communities throughout the U.S.

Robert Bair, PhD

Scholarship Manager

Dr. Bair is a senior development engineer in the civil and environmental engineering department at USF and specializes in anaerobic membrane bioreactors for decentralized wastewater treatment. In his current role, he aims to optimize and commercialize membrane-based wastewater treatment technologies. He has extensive experience in designing experimental pilot systems for testing and validation purposes. His research has expanded to include direct filtration of wastewater and membrane assisted struvite precipitation. His passion lies in seeing technological advancements serve the needs of marginalized communities. During his PhD, he served as the inventor, designer, builder, and operator of the NEWgeneratorâ„¢, a containerized wastewater treatment system designed to treat waste streams from informal settlements. He holds three patents on various reactor designs and has published over 12 peer-reviewed publications on topics spanning algal biofuel production, food waste digestion, bioaugmentation of anaerobic digestion, and anaerobic membrane bioreactor operation.

Ashley Donnelly

Social Outreach Chair

Ashley has a passion for building relationships within the onsite wastewater treatment industry through training and technical education. Ashley entered the industry over 20 years ago and works to preserve the environment through sound wastewater treatment solutions. In her position as Technical Training & Sales Development Manager at Infiltrator Water Technologies (IWT), she manages the Inside Sales Team and is responsible for maintaining and building customer relationships. This involves assisting engineers, contractors and regulators with technical and design information, training, installation, and operation & maintenance.

Cory Yarrington

External Collaborations Manager

There is a finesse with the implementation of design once it meets real world conditions. Bringing data analysis to policy making and policy making to execution requires understanding every factor and impact. Cory Yarrington is a data scientist with a diverse background in chemical engineering, construction management focused on infrastructure, water-energy nexus, and water treatment. He currently works as a project manager and estimator for residential construction in Boston. In 2020, Cory Yarrington completed a national review on on-site wastewater treatment systems in new housing from 2015-2018. This report indicated that at least 1/3 of all new housing utilizes on-site systems. His work continues to show the socio-economic factors around this dataset.

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