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Code of Ethics


Members of the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (Association) are committed to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in the onsite wastewater recycling Industry (Industry). They are dedicated to providing quality service, products, education, and research. The members of NOWRA shall uphold this Code of Ethics.

General Obligations

Members shall endeavor to know and understand the local, state/provincial, and national statutes, codes, laws, and regulations applicable to the Industry as well as to their own activities. They shall compete honestly and lawfully, building their businesses through their own skills and merits in the Industry. Members shall avoid any act that might promote their individual interests at the expense of the integrity of the Industry, and avoid conduct that might discredit the Industry or deceive others.

Obligations to Others

Members shall represent themselves and the benefits of the Association faithfully and honestly with integrity and professionalism. They shall convey their credentials, training, experience, and abilities with integrity and pride. Members shall always seek to enhance the reputation of the Industry with others by the way they communicate and interact. Members shall avoid conflicts of interest through disclosure to appropriate parties.  

Obligations to Professionalism

Members shall strive to maintain and advance their skills and knowledge of the Industry. They will continually seek to improve their own professional expertise by staying informed of scientific and technological developments in the Industry. They shall always seek to advance the integrity of the Industry. Members shall admit and take responsibility for their own errors when proven wrong, and not seek to alter or distort facts in an effort to justify decisions.

Approved  and Adopted by the NOWRA Board of Directors
November 21, 2002

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