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In-Person Training

In-person training courses focus on the procedures and practices for installation, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting of onsite systems, and typically qualify for continuing education credits.

Course length ranges from half-day to 2–3 days, depending on the subject matter, and can be taught by one or two instructors, depending on the preferences of the client. All NOWRA instructors are experienced and nationally recognized experts in their fields and are either members of academia or seasoned professional experts. For each course taught, NOWRA provides instructional materials for students taking the course and provides a certificate of completion to each student in attendance.

NOWRA is prepared to offer Installer Academy training courses to any qualified organization and welcomes inquiries. Call NOWRA at 978-496-1800 or email executivedirector@nowra.org for more information or to schedule training for your organization.

Courses Offered Include:

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