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How to Join

Membership Through Affiliated State/Regional Organizations:

More than 90% of NOWRA’s membership comes though our affiliated state and regional organizations, located throughout the United States and Canada. For people who live in states served by one of the organizations listed below we encourage you to join through that organization. Dual membership ensures that you benefit from the programs and services each organization provides. Plus, in many cases it is less expensive to join NOWRA through your state/regional organization than it is to obtain membership directly through NOWRA.

If you do not find your state/region listed, please proceed to the bottom of the page to join NOWRA directly.

Direct Membership Through NOWRA:

Any industry professional may join NOWRA directly. NOWRA offers three individual member categories:

  • Regular ($95/yr) – Any industry professional
  • Regulator ($60/yr) – Industry regulators
  • Student ($35/yr) – Full-time student

There are two ways to join directly:

  1. You can join online.  (As of October 2021 we are experiencing difficulty in processing online payments for membership. Please use the paper form below.)
  2. You can download a membership application in WORD or PDF to print out, fill in, and return with payment to NOWRA.

Join the country's go-to onsite wastewater organization for training opportunities, industry updates, & professional services—and to make sure your voice is heard in Washington.

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