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 About NOWRA

To strengthen and promote the onsite and decentralized wastewater industry through activities that support recognition and promotion of professionalism for industry practitioners; implementation of best management practices throughout the industry that provide sustainable wastewater infrastructure solutions; achieve greater public awareness of the economic, environmental, and public health benefits of onsite and decentralized facilities; and to serve the public interest.

NOWRA Overview -- Learn who we are and our role within the industry

Model Code Framework -- The framework represents NOWRA's vision for how our industry should operate

Mission and Code of Ethics -- NOWRA's overarching vision and standards for industry conduct

Governance -- Read NOWRA's Bylaws, learn about our Board of Directors and the committees which do the 'heavy lifting' for the association

Annual Membership Meetings -- NOWRA's report to the membership, provided each year during the NOWRA Annual Conference

Partnerships -- NOWRA has a number of agreements with other organizations with goals and objectives which overlap with our own. Learn about some of the key cooperative arrangements here.

Links to Related Organizations -- Links to many agencies and organizations which play a role in the onsite industry.



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