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Membership Benefits

1.It hurts our businesses. Lack of access federal funding means fewer sales and fewer jobs.
2. It hurts our customers. Public sewer systems have received billions of federal funds to repair, replace and upgrade their wastewater treatment plants Homeowners who need to repair, replace or upgrade the wastewater treatment plant in their back yard are basically told they are on their own.
3. It's taxation without representaton. Because we receive virtually no federal funds our federal tax dollars are in essence subsidizing public sewer systems.
4. It's bad for public health and the environment. 



Every NOWRA member receives a free listing on the Septic Locator, the only national, searchable directory of providers of onsite wastewater management services. Your listing is controlled by you -- you can change contact information, services offered and other information in real time. Coming soon you will have the chance to enhance your listing as well.

We've partnered with The Powderhorn Agency, to endorse their Errors and Omissions insurance coverage for Septic Systems Designers and Inspectors. If your design or inspection work is primarily residential, you may find this coverage to be significantly less expensive than similar coverage from your insurance carrier.

You can help your customers protect themselves against catastrophic septic repairs or system replacement by recommending they consider the Pro-Sept warranty program. You help yourself at the same time, as NOWRA members earn $30 for each customer referral.

NOWRA has resumed publication of the Onsite Journal magazine. This 4-color magazine offers useful information about national developments affecting onsite wastewater, reports from state affiliates and industry vendors, and updates on NOWRA programs and services of interest. Published quarterly.

NOWRA has established the Installer Academy as the national educational entity for the decentralized  wastewater industry to ensure that quality training programs are available for all industry practitioners. By participating in NOWRA’s Education Programs, members gain a learned foundation that continuously builds personal and professional opportunities. 

  • Classroom -- These courses  focus on the procedures and practices for installation, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting of onsite systems, and typically qualify for continuing education credits. Many are offered by NOWRA-affiliated state groups. They are listed separately and updated regularly on NOWRA’s website. NOWRA is prepared to offer Installer Academy training courses to any qualified organization and welcomes inquiries. For an overview of current training offerings, click here
  • Online -- NOWRA recently introduced its Online Learning Academy, a continuing education option for members to obtain the CEUs they need to stay in business. NOWRA has developed several courses available to members, and several states have also developed their own state-specific content. Members receive substantial discounts for courses offered through the online learning platform and more flexibility in obtaining continuing education credits. Note: not all states accept online courses for continuing education credit, so check to make sure your state has approved the online course for CEUs before taking the course.

NOWRA's Resource Library is intended to be a one-stop portal to help you identify critical information online which can help you manage your business. Published industry research, How-to manuals, regulations, financing, public outreach materials, and archived training materials are among the valuable items contained in this always growing library.

Since 2015, NOWRA has held its annual conference in conjunction with various state affiliates organizations, teaming up to offer the Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference -- the largest national conference and trade show solely dedicated to onsite wastewater business. For details on recent Mega-Conferrences visit NOWRA's Education and Training section on the website

NOWRA provides all members with opportunities to have a voice in its affairs. Whether you express that by voting in NOWRA's Board of Directors elections, participating in our Annual Meeting, commenting on proposals, volunteering your time on a committee or task force, or simply sharing your views with a board member, NOWRA welcomes and encourages your involvement in our activities. The greater the involvement of its members, the stronger our industry becomes, and the better we are able to work to positively shape its future.

NOWRA works to support its state organizations in a variety of ways: training discounts, Roe-D-Hoe(R) support, meetings with state leaders, data/web services and much more.  

 Held annually, this competition is intended to showcase the skills of contractors and the equipment they operate through a series of timed exercises contestants must perform on a backhoe. NOWRA also sanctions a number of state Roe-D-Hoe®    competitions around the country; the state winners are automatically grandfathered into the national finals where they compete against the winner of the open competition. Watch a video of 2012 Roe-D-Hoe®  highlights here:

NOWRA has partnered with Wells Fargo to provide NOWRA members with discounts on interest rates and document fees for equipment purchases in excess of $50,000. Wells Fargo’s Specialty Vehicles Division is offering NOWRA members a quarter percent discount. (25 basis points) off of the prevailing interest rate for purchases of vehicles or related equipment which are financed through their division. If the going rate is 6%, NOWRA members will be able to apply for a loan at a 5.75% rate. In addition, Wells Fargo will reduce its document fees charge from $500 to $350. Over the life of a $50,000 loan financed for five years, the savings for NOWRA members would be approximately $500.00. As with any loan request, applicants must still qualify for financing under the terms and conditions of the lending authority.

This membership benefit is unique for NOWRA members. No other onsite association is able to offer this discount to its members. Click here to take advantage of this members only program

NOWRA has teamed with Office Depot to bring your business a better office supply solution. Office Depot Discount Application and Information

Contact the NOWRA Office at 800-966-2942 or by email for other benefits. New benefits are being evaluated and appropriate offerings will be added in the coming months.