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Advanced Onsite Technology Products Approved by State - This provides a Web-based list of links to State-by-State information regarding the advanced technology products approved for use, the product approval process, and the States’ department which oversees the use of advanced treatment systems for decentralized wastewater management.

Technology Fact Sheets
      Aerobic Treatment
      Low Pressure Pipe Systems
      Mound Systems
      Septage Treatment/Disposal
      Septic System Tanks (PDF)
      Septic Tank Effluent Screens (PDF)
      Septic Tank Leaching Chamber (PDF)
      Septic Tank Systems for Large Flow Application
      Septic Tank-Soil Absorption Systems
      Small Diameter Gravity Sewer
      Types of Filters (PDF)
      Control Panels (PDF)
      Recirculating Sand Filters (PDF)
      Septic Tank Polishing (PDF)

Wastewater Technology Fact Sheets:
      Disinfection for Small Systems (PDF)
      Free Water Surface Wetlands
      High-Efficiency Toilets (PDF)
      Intermittent Sand Filters
      Ozone Disinfection
      Package Plants (PDF)
      Sewers, Pressure (PDF)
      Ultraviolet Disinfection
      Wetlands: Subsurface Flow

Water Efficiency Technology Fact Sheets:
      Composting Toilets
      Incinerating Toilets (PDF)
      Oil Recirculating Toilets (PDF)