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Testimony - Pharmaceuticals in the Nation’s Water: Assessing Potential Risks and Actions to Address the Issue
U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, April 25, 2008

Response to Congress on Use of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems (PDF) -  This report to Congress examines the feasibility of decentralized treatment as a lower-cost option for the many communities with wastewater treatment needs.
2011 Decentralized Wastewater Management Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (PDF) -  EPA and 16 partner organizations are joined by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work collaboratively at the national level to improve decentralized performance and protect our nation's public health and water resources.
Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems: A Program Strategy (PDF) - This strategy presents EPA's vision, mission, and actions to improve the performance of decentralized wastewater treatment systems, thereby providing better protection of public health and water resources (EPA 832-R-05-002).
Voluntary National Guidelines for Management of Onsite and Clustered (Decentralized) Wastewater Treatment Systems
Handbook for Managing Onsite and Clustered (Decentralized) Wastewater Treatment Systems- A "how-to guide" for implementing EPA's Voluntary National Guidelines for Management of Onsite and Clustered (Decentralized) Wastewater Treatment Systems.
It's Your Choice: A Guidebook for Local Officials on Small Community Wastewater Management Options 
 Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems: A Program Strategy (PDF
Decentralized Approaches to Wastewater Treatment (PDF
Source Water Protection Practices Bulletin: Managing Septic Systems to Prevent Contamination of Drinking Water (PDF
When Is a Septic System Regulated as a Class V Well? (PDF) - This fact sheet is intended to help regulators determine which septic systems should be regulated as Class V wells (EPA 816-F-03-002).
Class V Well/Large Capacity Septic Systems home page -
State Permitting Authority  links for Class V wells
Minimum Requirements for Class V Wells

Large Capacity Cesspools
NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) home page

A Model Program for Onsite Management in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (guidance document)
Comments submitted regarding above document and EPA's response

Decentralized Wastewater System Reliability Analysis Handbook
21stCentury Water Management: Restoring the Commons
Performance and Costs for Decentralized Unit Processes
Sustainable Water Resources Management Volume 1: Executive Summary
Sustainable Water Resources Management Volume 2: Green Building Case Studies
Sustainable Water Resources Management Volume 3: Case Studies on New Water Paradigm
International Issues and Innovations in Integrated and Decentralized Water Resource Infrastructure
Creative Community Design and Wastewater Management
Modeling Onsite Wastewater Systems at the Watershed Scale: A User’s Guide
Methods for Comparison of Wastewater Treatment Options
Wastewater Planning Handbook: Mapping Onsite Treatment Needs, Pollution Risks, and Management Options Using GIS
Application of a Risk-Based Approach to Community Wastewater Management: Tisbury, Massachusetts
Expanding Communication in Communities Addressing Wastewater Needs
Smart, Clean, and Green: 21st Century Sustainable Water Infrastructure
Onsite Sewage Treatment in California and the Progression Toward Statewide Standards
Guidance for Establishing Successful Responsible Management Entities
New Approaches in Decentralized Water Infrastructure
Quantifying Site-Scale Processes and Watershed-Scale Cumulative Effects of Decentralized Wastewater Systems
Onsite Wastewater Treatment Technology and the Preservation of Agricultural Land in California’s Central Valley Evaluating Customer Response to Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Options
Integrated Risk Assessment for Individual Onsite Wastewater Systems
Cluster Wastewater Systems Planning Handbook
Baltimore Charter

21st Century Vision of Solids Management - A. Robert Rubin, PhD

Decentralized/Onsite Wastewater Projects and Programs - Opportunities for Funding