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Congressional Decentralized Wastewater Recycling Caucus established

Summary of significant outcomes from 2016 legislative fly-in

  • Confirmed that Reps Sam graves (R-MO) and Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) will co-sponsor the Decentralized Wastewater Caucus
  • Confirmed that we have language included on the House Appropriations Interior, Environment and Related Agencies bill which was passed by the committee:
    • Further, the Committee is aware that more than
      one quarter of the U.S. population relies on onsite-decentralized
      systems to treat wastewater. The Committee urges the Agency to
      designate additional technical assistance, resources and expertise
      toward onsite wastewater recycling issues within the Decentralized
      Wastewater Program.
  • Bob Gibbs committed to joining the Decentralized Caucus. Gibbs is chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Water Resources and the Environment.
  • Richard Hanna committed to joining the Decentralized Caucus. Hanna is a member of Gibbs Subcommittee
  • Staff for at least two other members (Yoder [R-KS] and Barr [R-KY] gave very positive feedback about their bosses joining the Caucus
  • USDA committee to holding a webinar for NOWRA members on how to secure grants for preliminary assessments of small communities looking to make wastewater infrastructure decisions

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