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2023 Diamond Partners

Eljen Corporation

Address: 90 Meadow Road, Windsor, CT 06095 
Sales Contact: Melissa Sanchez
Phone: 800-444-1359
Email: info@eljen.com
Website: www.eljen.com

Eljen Corporation is a leader in Environmental Solutions and the Onsite Wastewater Industry. Founder and retired World War II veteran Joe Glasser introduced the world's first pre-fabricated geotextile drainage systems to the market in 1970. During this time the company specialized in foundation drainage and erosion control applications. In 1982, Eljen Corporation introduced the ground-breaking passive wastewater treatment and dispersal technology to the market. Since the introduction of the Geotextile Sand Filter (GSF), Eljen continues to develop passive treatment and dispersal technology.

Today, Eljen is a global leader in providing innovative products and solutions for protecting our environment and public health. Eljen is proud to be the top choice for your small lot, waterfront and high restrictive layer applications. Homeowners and businesses choose Eljen GSF not only due to our 30 years of experience in passive wastewater treatment but also due to our reliability and commitment to the industry. From the four corners of the United States to the vast expanses of Eastern Europe and beyond, Eljen Corporation is your time-tested partner.

Infiltrator Water Technologies

Address: PO Box 768, 4 Business Park, Old Saybrook, CT 06475
Sales Contact: Carl Thompson
Phone: 860-577-7035
Email: info@infiltratorwater.com
Website: www.infiltratorwater.com

Infiltrator Water Technologies’ systems complement nature’s ability to recycle wastewater. Our mission is to improve the performance of onsite septic systems by producing the highest quality products in the industry. This is achieved by our commitment to innovation throughout the entire organization. This commitment provides our customers with the most dependable, affordable and easy to install products in the onsite wastewater industry.

Backed by over 35 years of wastewater industry experience, our products are approved in all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces. Infiltrator not only provides the wastewater industry the most reliable and innovative line of products, but also offers the highest level of technical support to installers, regulators, designers, distributors and homeowners. We continue to be the industry leaders due to our expertise in manufacturing, engineering, science, product development, recycling, and government affairs.

Infiltrator offers a full line of septic products from one reliable source. Our product lines include Quick4, Quick4 Plus and Arc Chamber Systems, EZflow Geosynthetic Aggregate Systems, Advanced Treatment Leachfield (ATL), Advanced Enviro-Septic, IM- and CM-Series Tanks, EZset and EZsnap Septic Tank Riser and Lid Systems, Aquaworx Control Panels and Remediator, and Delta Treatment Systems (ENVIRO-AIRE Package Treatment Plants, ECOPOD, EA, ECOFILTER, ECODRIP, and Whitewater).

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