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2024 Bronze Partners

Clearstream Wastewater Systems, Inc. - New in 2024!

Address: P.O. Box 7568, Beaumont, TX 77726
Contact: Lonnie Welch
Phone: 409-782-3256
Email: lonnie@clearstreamsystems.com
Website: www.clearstreamsystems.com

Clearstream Wastewater has treatment systems that have been tested and certified to meet and exceed the requirements of NSF Standard 40, 245, and 350. Clearstream has for many years successfully marketed its treatment systems nationally and internationally to meet a wide range of regulatory requirements. Clearstream treatment systems are simple to install and maintenance, while providing a reliable solution for your wastewater needs. You can count on Clearstream products to work for you.


Address: P.O. Box 77571, Greensboro, NC 27417
Contact: Sean Martin, President
Phone: 336-547-9338

Geoflow is based in the USA and has actively specialized in subsurface drip irrigation since 1985. Time tested and proven, Geoflow is a world leader in providing components and systems for sustainable water management through effluent dispersal and water reuse. The unique, patented technologies disperse water in the shallow bioactive soil layer while solving the issues of root intrusion and biological fouling.

Hoot Systems, LLC

Address: 885 Highway 14 East, Lake Charles, LA 70607
Sales Contact: Troy Cormier
Phone: 337-474-2804
Email: troy@hootsystems.com
Website: www.hootsytems.com

For over 40 years, Hoot Systems has been manufacturing the finest residential and commercial treatment systems for the decentralized wastewater market. While many companies are “just getting started” we have hundreds of thousands of installations from coast to coast. From our birthplace in Louisiana, notorious for poorly drained soils, we have gone into each new market with the goal of providing “solutions” to their local issues, rather than just products. We have assembled some of the finest local precasters to manufacture and locally distribute and support our products.

Our residential treatment equipment offerings have evolved as our concern and acknowledgement of man’s impact on the environment has been realized. We offer four main product lines, and local variations to meet the most strict national, state and local environmental regulations.

Our commercial treatment equipment is not simply multiple residential units, like the other guys. We offer a complete line of custom, site specific products to meet the demanding needs of non-typical applications. Beginning at 1,000 GPD and going into the hundreds of thousands, Hoot offers both products and support to engineers to specify and create complete treatment solutions.

Netafim USA

Address: 5470 E. Home Avenue, Fresno, CA 93727
Sales Contact: Keith Coulsting
Phone: 559-453-6800
Email: keith.coulsting@netafim.com
Website: www.netafimusa.com

Netafim USA has pioneered developing water-conserving irrigation technologies for communities around the world. Netafim has dedicated over five decades of innovation to provide today’s landscape professionals with a comprehensive solution for efficient and effective irrigation even in the most challenging residential and commercial landscapes. A complete line of technologically advanced, environmentally sound, drip irrigation and water conservation products deliver water savings, low maintenance and worry-free operation. Recognizing the evolving needs of a diverse and dynamic landscape industry, Netafim addresses the challenges of modern landscapes through innovative products, education, training and research. Together, we can create sustainable landscapes and grow more with less.

Roth Global Plastics

Address: PO Box 245, Syracuse, NY 13211
Sales Contact: David Hull
Phone: 315-579-3326
Email: davidh@roth-usa.com
Website: www.rothmultitank.com

Roth Global Plastics is a leading manufacturer of blow-molded polyethylene residential septic, cistern and rainwater tanks. Roth North America is made up of Roth Global Plastics and Roth Industries. Roth, headquartered in Germany, is a family-owned business with locations in more than 40 countries, $250 million in annual sales and 1,100 employees. Both of the company’s North American operations are in Upstate New York — Roth Global Plastics in Salina and Roth Industries in Watertown. Roth North America specializes in environmentally friendly products that produce, distribute and store energy for the residential market.

WaterColor Insurance Management

Address: 251 Johnson Street, Suite 404, Decatur, AL 35601
Contact: John Walsh
Phone: 441-295-3320
Email: JWalsh@Fintra.bm
Website: www.watercolormanagement.com

WaterColor Insurance Management has provided the most competitive Onsite Septic and Sewer Insurances since 1986. Comprehensive insurance is available for : Septic, Sewer and Wastewater System Installation, Design and Maintenance. Also eligible are Equipment & Chemical Manufacturers & Suppliers; Water Treaters; Water & Wastewater Contractors; Groundwater Drillers; Sewage & Grease Trap Disposal; Consultants; Designers; Scientists; and Engineers. WaterColor knows water. There are no policy exclusions for e.g. Radon, Arsenic, Bacteria, Lead or other Contaminants. 

Coverages available in the 50 US states and Canada include: Commercial Auto & Hired & Non-Owned Auto, General, Professional, Pollution, Products, Completed Operations and Excess Liability, Workers Compensation, Equipment Breakdown, Inland Marine & Property, Employee Benefit Plan Liability, Fidelity & Crime, and Umbrella Liability.

Wieser Concrete

Address: W3716 U.S. Highway 10, Maiden Rock, WI 54750
Sales Contact: Mark Wieser
Phone: 800-362-7220
Email: markw@wieserconcrete.com
Website: www.wieserconcrete.com

Wieser Concrete Products, Inc. manufactures an extensive line of precast concrete products for the Agricultural, Underground, Highway, and Commercial markets. This diversity and flexibility have aided Wieser Concrete in maintaining a sound, successful operation.

Wieser Concrete Products, Inc. was founded in 1965 by Joseph H. Wieser and started the precast concrete manufacturing operations near Maiden Rock, WI. Today, with over 58 years of experience, Wieser Concrete continues to grow with manufacturing facilities in Maiden Rock, Portage and Menomonie, Wi; Roxana, IL and distribution sites in Fond Du Lac, and Spooner, WI; along with Rosemount and Jordan, MN and as far as Pleasanton, TX.

The extensive line of precast concrete products from Wieser Concrete reaches across countless markets including Agricultural, Underground, Highway and Commercial industries.

  • Box Culverts, Median Barriers and Noise Walls for the Highway.
  • Septic and Storage Tanks for Residential and Commercial customers.
  • Bunker Silos for feed or aggregate storage.
  • Feed Bunks and Slatted Floor Manure Storage Systems for various cattle and hog farms.
  • Retaining walls and car stops in parking lots.
  • Restroom Buildings, storm shelters, boat ramps and picnic tables for campgrounds or state parks.

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