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Online Troubleshooting Courses

No matter what our role is in the decentralized industry we are sometimes faced with systems experiencing problems or out of ordinary situations. This course walks through a typical treatment train starting with the flow coming from the structure and then walks through component troubleshooting including septic tanks, pumps and controls, soils, media filters, aerobic treatments units and finally soil treatment units.

This national training course with nine different instructors includes video recorded at the 2019 NOWRA mega-conference and contains various formats including video guided PowerPoint presentations, videos, technical documents and internet links to associated materials.

Students set their own pace for training and can either take the 10-hour class in its entirety or break it into smaller sections based on how many hours they need or their interest. The hours assigned for each section are based on the time it took others who piloted the material to complete the course, and the theoretical time it should take to go through the materials. Even though everyone learns at a different pace, it should always take participants the amount of credit hours offered and may take longer.


The Troubleshooting curriculum is made up of the following courses which can be taken as an entire bundle, in smaller bundles, or as individual courses.

  1. Troubleshooting Bundle – 10 hours (contains all the modules)
    1. Flows – 1.5 hours
    2. Tanks – 1.5 hours
    3. Pumps and Controls – 1 hour
    4. Soils Treatment Areas – 1 hour
    5. Media Filters – 1 hour
    6. Microbiology – 1 hour
    7. Aerobic Treatment Units – 1 hour
    8. Drainfield Malfunctions – 1 hour
    9. Case Studies – 1 hour
  2. NOWRA Troubleshooting Bundle – 3 hours – Focus on Flow and Tanks – contains a and b.
  3. NOWRA Troubleshooting Bundle – 2 hours – Focus on Pretreatment Units – contains e and g.
  4. NOWRA Troubleshooting Bundle – 3 hours – Focus on Soils – contains d, h and i.

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