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Courses Developed by NOWRA


An overview of onsite wastewater treatment, including onsite wastewater basics, O&M, and soil evaluation and treatment. Ideal for new employees, regulatory professionals and students. Courses include:

NOWRA Installer Training

Ideal for new installers! Courses include:

National Continuing Education Approvals

  • National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT) – All courses approved for continuing education credit
  • National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) – All courses accepted for continuing education credit

State Continuing Education Approvals

The following states have approved NOWRA’s training. If you don’t see your state listed and wish to receive continuing education credit, call your licensing or certification authority to find out if they will accept online education credits.

State NOWRA A to Z Installer Training Troubleshooting
Delaware Yes Yes In process
Georgia Yes Yes In process
Indiana Yes Yes In process
Iowa Yes Yes Yes
Maine Yes Yes In process
Massachusetts Yes Yes Yes
Missouri Yes Yes Yes
Nebraska Yes No Yes
New Hampshire Yes Yes In process
Ohio Yes Yes Yes
Oregon Yes Yes In process
Virginia Yes Yes In process
Washington Yes Yes In process
Wisconsin Yes In process In process

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